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Peter Els, Automotive Engineer Turned Internet Marketeer

Peter Els, Automotive Engineer Turned Internet Marketeer

Will Low Speed Electric Vehicles Save China’s EV Manufacturing Program? 4/25/2014
China is facing unprecedented air pollution while addressing growing energy demands due to rapid industrialization and increased demand for personal mobility.

Since 2009, China’s coal imports have exceeded coal exports; with the country also importing close to 60 per cent of its total oil requirements.
Bob Weed

Bob Weed, CDA Vice President OEM

Mobility of the Future: The Adoption of New Motor Technologies 4/25/2014
Dr. Peter Phleps of BMW’s Institute for Mobility Research describes himself as an “optimist,” but believes that in industrial countries the period of strong passenger car growth is over. In addition to economic factors, explanations for this trend point to demographic development or increasing multi-modal mobility patterns of young adults.
“There’s a lot of choices in the making of a new vehicle. Some of them are about efficiency but not all.” Pete Savagian talks with ICA’s Malcolm Burwell about new electric vehicle design and manufacturing and the importance of playing to all strengths of what EV technology has to offer consumers.